Block Mounting: The Best Alternate For Picture Framing

block mounting sydney

Block mounting is attaching a print or poster to a sturdy backing board, allowing for a frame-free finish when hanging your artwork. This is a more cheap option than framing your photograph.

Block mounted posters are available in various materials, including medium-density fiberboard, foam board, and polyurethane boards. Block mount boards range in thickness from 1cm to 2cm and frequently feature black or white edges.

Should You Choose Block Mounting

If you desire a frame-free look for your artwork or are on a low budget, block mounting is for you. Consider the following questions when choosing block mounting as an option for you:

  1. Budget

If you have posters that you want to exhibit inexpensively, block mounting in sydney is an excellent choice. Block mounting is often half the cost of picture framing, if not more.

  1. Value of your artwork

If you have a valuable artwork (monetary or intrinsic) or if your artwork is irreplaceable, block mounting may not be appropriate. This is because high-value or original artwork should be framed exclusively using conservation techniques. Any non-conservation frame or block mounting immediately reduces the value of your work of art and accelerates its deterioration.

  1. For how much time do you want it on your wall?

If you intend to exhibit your block mounted poster at a business or home for a brief period, block mounting is ideal owing to its low cost & lightweight wall fixture needs (more on this shortly). However, a high-quality block mount on a polyurethane board is not only economical but also durable. Unlike MDF block mounting, polyurethane mounting does not absorb moisture and so does not bloat or bow over time. To add a layer of protection, we suggest adding a laminate, which provides some fade resilience and prevents dust & fingerprints from destroying your image.

  1. Safety

Safety is critical. Are you required to avoid using glass due to the danger of breakage and probable damage caused by the crushed glass? Are you displaying artwork in a child’s playroom or posters in a correctional facility that prohibits glass? If complete glass obliteration is required, block mounting is ideal.

  1. Is it a lightweight product advantage for the hanging system?

Yes, in a nutshell! Premium materials can be lighter for picture frames and block mounting. The advantages of a lightweight polyurethane backing board over a wooden MDF board are numerous, but one of the most obvious is the weight savings. Due to the small weight of your block-mounted art, you have additional alternatives for wall fasteners. You do not require the robust, obtrusive, and frequently tricky wall mounting hardware for heavier goods. Adhesive hooks work well in some circumstances… but you must choose the appropriate hooks for the weight and size of the block-mounted artwork.For more information visit our website