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In ancient times; people used to walk bare foot, then sandals with different fibbers were made. After that leather boots were invents and now we have reached the time where there are different types of shoes for different occasions. Basically shoes are the kind of coverings for feet and have a sturdy sole which protects your feet. There are shoes for office meetings, shoes for party night, shoes for exercise and even shoes to be used within home.

We agree that texture and designing of the shoes is important but there shall be no comprise with the comfort level of the shoes as well because uncomfortable shoe scan make your whole day a nightmare. Shoes can be divided into many different types; depending upon their texture, designing, colour and the kind of heel. People often think that heel shoes are only for women but there are some such heeled shoes which are for men as well. In this article; we will be discussing about some of the latest collection of shoes and the place from where you can buy womens heels in australia.

Buy women’s heels online:

High heeled shoes or heels are the kind of shoes that have a raised or tall heel which ultimately makes the person wearing the shoe look taller as compared to his or her actual height. There are heeled shoes for men as well as women but it is most commonly worn among women so we will be focusing upon the women heels and its different types. Women wear heels below their evening gowns, short skirts, dresses, maxis and tuxedo suits. However; the types of heels vary as per the occasion and the kind of clothes wear that the woman is wearing. These types might vary from kitten heel to comma heel, from cut out heel to corset heel and from wedges to pumps.

Women’s ankle boots:

If you want to look cool, smart or decent; then ankle boots are the right choice for you. Ankle boots are the kind of boots which are up till ankle or few inches above it. These boots cover your feet completely and have heel of one to two inches beneath it. These ankle boots vary from one another on the basis shaft height, heel style & height, material type & colour and toe bed shape.    


Shoes are the covering of feet that provides a sole for you to walk comfortably. There are different types of shoes; one of which is high heeled shoes or heels. Heeled shoes can be worn by both; men and women but most commonly heels are labelled as women’s shoes. There are different types of women’s heels like corset heel, pencil heel, wedges and so on. Womens ankle boots in australia also have few inches of heel but they provide full coverage to your feet. You can buy women’s heels online from “EOS as you are”, which are of exceptional quality.