How To Focus More At Work

magnetic glass whiteboard

If there is one thing that the modern era has brought into the workplace, it is an unlimited source of distractions. Staying focused and motivated at work seems to be a strenuous struggle for a lot of people. Whether it’s because of yourself that you can’t focus or maybe it’s your colleagues who always seem to have a chat going on which does not allow you to keep being attentive towards your work.

We all have recurring to do lists at work which seem to keep growing every hour. All we ever want is to completing those set of tasks which seem too daunting to be completed, feels like you need to climb a mountain made up of work and deadlines. The sad part is we have to do it anyway, whether we procrastinate or keep ignoring it, but some time sooner or later we would have to work on it and what is better than checking off a task from your to do list? Probably nothing.

Below are a few tips to help you focus more at work:

  • Keep online distractions a mile away. In the modern era, too many distractions are just a click away at your smartphones. Once you pick up your phone you seem to be getting lost in a social media frenzy. You jump from one social networking app to the other and you get so engrossed in it, you lose track of time. What you need to do is lock your smart device and keep it away from you. Get a magnetic glass whiteboard and jot down your on screen time on it so that you can hold yourself accountable. Turn off your notifications so that you do not get urges to stay at your mobile phone.
  • Schedule your focus hours. It takes time to make a habit of being productive and get in the groove of focusing all your attention on just one task and putting efforts into it. In a lot of cases, you would not put in all your efforts on just one task until you have had the chance to give attention to the work for an extended period of time. This means that one interruption to the progress can force you to start the process of honing in on a task and getting in the most productive space you have ever been in all your life. You can schedule your hours on the magnetic glass whiteboards, so when you schedule certain daily focus hours where you isolate yourself from all the distractions and just let yourself keep focused on just one task you are doing which is very important. This ensure that you are able to maintain a flow in your work.

Follow these tips to increase your productivity at work and to get a quote on our magnetic glass whiteboards, call us and we would be pleased to assist you.