Why Is It Important To Have A Resume


To get a job, the resume has to surpass all other requirements before investing the necessary time in an interview with you, an employer plan to meet you – on papers. How you present your CV to that employer can make a huge difference.

You cannot compete without resumes in NZ, and an inadequate résumé will swiftly disqualify you before you ever have a chance to fight back. Hence it is critical to have an excellent nz curriculum vitae that successfully communicates to companies what you could do for them.

Resume – summary of your educational qualification

The term resume originates in French and translates as “summary.” That is precisely what a resume is: it summarizes your qualifications. A concise listing of your credentials, abilities, and accomplishments. It demonstrates your past achievements to a prospective employer. It includes information on your abilities and skills, work experience and education, and, most significantly, the accomplishments you’ve achieved with previous companies.

Additionally, it should notify the company of your career aim (the position you are applying for) and concisely explain the benefits you would bring to the work if recruited.

A résumé is a self-publicity piece. It promotes you, your unique abilities and credentials, and the benefits you offer.

Skills and benefits

One strategy for standing out from the crowd is to ensure that your résumé is packed with employer advantages, not just skills. According to résumé expert Peter Newfield, modern resumes must be “results-driven” rather than skill-based. After reading your CV, employers must rapidly comprehend the benefits you provide to their firm. Consider yourself a product and your employer a consumer. How would you pitch the employer on your goods (you)?

Employers are much more interested in the value you can provide than in your fantastic skill set. When writing your CV, make a point of emphasizing these workplace benefits. For instance, if you are a PageMaker and desktop publishing expert, do not simply state your abilities. Convert these abilities into benefits. Inform the employer of your capabilities when it comes to desktop publishing.

While skills represent your potential, benefits represent the actual accomplishments using your skills. Employers are aware that a large number of applicants are proficient in PageMaker. You must demonstrate to an employer what you can accomplish with this competence and the kind of job duties you have completed using PageMaker. This is what employers appreciate.

A resume will get you an interview

Most people believe that a strong résumé would automatically land them a job. This is an error. It is hard to find an employer who recruits someone just based on what they read on their resume in today’s market. Employers want to assess you personally before hiring you. They would like you to validate your credentials and demonstrate that you possess the characteristics they need. Naturally, this necessitates an interview. Indeed, the interview helps determine whether you get the job.

However, it is your CV that secures you an interview! In today’s market, where many employers use resume-tracking software, a computer selects a résumé based on the keywords. It would be best if you took extra care to stuff your CV with benefits. You must not only charm the employer; you must also impress his computer! Any résumé, electronic or otherwise, has only one purpose: to secure an interview.

How frequently have you thought to yourself, “If only I could have met with the recruiter in person, I may have persuaded him that I’m the best person for the position?” Your only hope is to craft an excellent resume that will garner attention and get you in the door to meet the recruiter in person and secure the job.